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A Faith Change Agent

God’s grace is powerful, but has it changed us?

That’s the question I ask myself daily.


I am in the process of finishing my book, Disruptive Grace, about God’s power to transform our thoughts and actions. Along the way, I will be sharing hope-filled messages that bring a faith perspective to today’s issues.


There is a lot written about grace, but what about disruptive grace?


Disruptive grace is a change agent that transforms our lives. It happens when we invite God instead of our circumstances and feelings to take charge of our lives. God may not always change things, but He will change us. Disruptive grace brings hope and stops us from falling prey to vulnerable deceptions. Just like a delicate flower sprouting from the tiniest crack of thick concrete, nothing can stop the beauty of God and its seeds from covering the earth.


God beckons us to pay attention to His unexpected ways and live differently. His truth breaks through our thinking and opens our eyes to a much bigger perspective. A real relationship with Him will transform all our relationships because He cares deeply about how we love others. As we prioritize God’s way over our own, we forgive more easily, love without strings attached, and live above our circumstances.


Please sign up for my blog where I will share pieces from my book as well as faith inspirations about pursuing God’s best for our lives.

We are on this journey of faith together.

Let the disruption begin!

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